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At Easter, 2007, the Buttall family decided to arrange a reunion for the first time, which took place in Topsham, Devon, where some of his ancestors in fact hail from.

Philip met some of his family for the first time, and he has produced a Diary and Picture Album, highlighting the event, together with some historical, and other relevant information which might hopefully be of interest!

Below are some links to a number of things mentioned in the diary:
The Blue Boy - Gainsborough's painting, thought to be of a portrait of Jonathan Buttall
Topsham, Devon - the small town on the Exe estuary where the reunion took place
The Museum, Topsham - some local information and 'Buttell' (Buttall) memorabilia
Samuel Buttall's Will - Philip's eleventh-generation relation, who died in Topsham (1723)
The Buffs - Philip's father's regiment during World War Two - and the related 'Herald' tank article

Philip R Buttall
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'With The Buttalls - 2007'
Philip's Photo Albums
Philip has made 'public' a number of his Photo Albums on                        - mostly holiday shots and some personal photos, which he hopes you might enjoy!

Many include Philip's father, who had been a constant companion since Philip's mother passed away in 2004. In fact he then had a new lease of live, at the ripe old age of 84, accompanying Philip to Australia, Europe, and more recently the Scottish Highlands. Philip wants to savour and share those happier times, since his father passed away in March 2015, just a couple of weeks short of his 95th birthday.       
Philip's Photo Albums
The 'Buttall' Family